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JBS-300B Digital display type semi - automatic impact test machine

2015-8-18      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   JBS-300B
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product overview:

1) JBS-300B digital display type semi auto impact testing machine is suitable for mechanical metallurgy, aerospace, tertiary institutions, scientific research institutes and other fields to measure the impact toughness of metal materials and the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load.

2) on the basis of standard:

In line with the GB/T3038 - 2002 the pendulum hammer impact testing machine to test ", GB/T229 - 2007 the metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method" and JJG145-82 the pendulum hammer impact testing machine ".

3) interface: support for two languages in English and chinese.

product performance

1 the maximum impact energy: 150J, 300J

2 the degree of the dial scale range and the index value:

1)  energy range: 0 ~ 300J, 0-150J

2)  each of the small grid indexing values: 1J, 2J

3 pendulum torque

1)  pendulum impact energy: 150J, 300J

2)  pendulum torque: 80.3848N.m, 160.7695N.m

4pendulum hammer pre - yang angle: 150

5 The distance from the center of the pendulum to the impact point (test center): 750mm

6 impact speed: 5.2m/s

7 the sample bearing span: 40 + 1mm

8 the end of the specimen bearing end of the arc radius: 1-1.5mm

9 the support surface of the test specimen is 0.

10impact edge radius: 2-2.5mm

11 impact edge angle: 30 degree

12 impact edge thickness: 16mm

13test pattern: (10 + 0.1) * (0.1 + 10) * (55 + 0.1) mm

14 testing machine weight: About 450kg

15 test machine appearance size: 2124*600*1340mm

16power: three-phase four wire system 50HZ380V

17 the main motor power: 380v180W

18 digital display table shows the minimum resolution: 0.1J

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