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    Jinan Kaide Instrument Co., Ltd. spirit of "quality first, good faith service first of the pursuit of excellence" principle, for all the products implement three bags, three bags a year, life-long maintenance.
    1, product warranty period of one year, life-long service.
    2, commissioning training: the tester to buyer's site, I side to meet the consumer notice within the prescribed time arrange technical staff to the scene debugging equipment, and training related to the use of personnel. The training to the use of personnel, including the basic working principle of the equipment, as well as some common failure of the processing, so that the operator can operate independently of the equipment and some simple failure to do basic inspection and exclusion, so as to enable the training to achieve the test machine, operation and maintenance and troubleshooting.
    3, the warranty period of after-sales service, equipment debugging after the completion of the supplier at any time by telephone, in writing or other contact information to answer the consumer product is to be used in questions. Our within 8-12 hours after receiving the repair of telephone users were fault location, and propose solutions, ultimate guide users to eliminate equipment failure, if the site can not be resolved, I will provide on-site service within 48-72 hours, finally solve the equipment fault. The warranty period for the failure or damage caused by natural disasters or human, only charge the cost of repair.
    4, regular follow-up service: service staff every year to visit customers or customer service staff to carry out a telephone return visit, the operation of the equipment to implement on-site inspection, timely detection of hidden dangers in the operation of equipment, reduce the probability of failure of the equipment, and ensure the stability of customer equipment.
    5, after the expiration of the warranty period of service: in warranty, after-sales service personnel on a regular basis for equipment door-to-door or telephone interviews, understanding of subsequent use, provide the equipment maintenance or using the proposed. After the expiration of the warranty period of equipment maintenance, we will according to the needs of the user, such as the need to site maintenance for the replacement of only charge a fee and maintenance costs. For the random allocation of vulnerable parts, to ensure timely, favorable, long-term supply.
    6, the software upgrade: after a period of time, we will be based on user requirements, the device software upgrade, improve the use of equipment and operability. At the same time, according to the user's different period, the requirements of the equipment, we can also provide equipment to upgrade and other related work, to meet the different needs of customers.
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