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Wheel bending fatigue test machine

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  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   PQW-800
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PQW-800   Wheel bending fatigue test machine

A brief introduction:

1, use: wheel bending fatigue test machine, referred to as the wheel of the wheel bending fatigue test machine, also known as the light alloy wheel bending fatigue test machine, motorcycle light alloy rotating bending fatigue test machine, microcomputer control of motorcycle light alloy wheel rotating bending fatigue test machine. The test machine is mainly used for the rotating bending fatigue test of the light alloy wheel of the motorcycle and the light alloy wheel.

2, reference standards:

1) QC/T211-1996 "test method for motorcycle and portable motorcycle wheels

2) JASOT203-85 "motorcycle light alloy wheel"

4) IS08644-2006 "motorcycle - light alloy wheel - Test Method"

5) GB/T22435-2008 "light alloy wheel of motorcycle and light wheel"

6) GB/T6147-92 "testing machine packaging, packaging logo, storage and transportation technology requirements"

At the same time, it can also meet the standards of users: such as Japan's YAMAHA, Honda, etc..

Two, the main technical parameters:

1, test moment: 800Nm (optional specifications: 1000Nm, 1200Nm, 1500Nm)

2, the maximum test force: 1200N, showing the value of accuracy: 20%FS 1% (static measurement)

3, basic arm length: 670 + 0.25mm

4, test speed range: 0-800r/min

5, the test speed and the total number of tests showed: 106

6, the test wheel diameter: 125-600mm

7, total motor power: less than 4.2KW

8, power: ~ 380V + 10% 50Hz must have reliable grounding measures ~ 220V + 10%


9, after the device is in place, can be fixed with expansion bolts

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