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wheel radial impact test machine

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The main function and the implementation of the radial impact test machine of a motorcycle light alloy wheel:

The radial impact testing machine for the mild alloy wheel of motorcycle is referred to as the wheel impact test machine or the radial impact test machine, which is mainly used for the radial impact test of the light alloy wheel of the motorcycle and the light alloy wheel. The impact of the way there are mainly two types, one is single hammer, a hammer impact, with 30 degree impact device. The radial impact test machine of the motorcycle light alloy wheel can meet the requirements of the impact test of all the brands of motorcycle wheel hub and the Japanese Honda, YAMAHA, SUZUKI and other foreign brands of motorcycle wheel. There are two ways to display a number of digital and computer screen.

Execution standard:

1. QC/T211-1996 "test method for the light alloy wheel of motorcycle and light alloy wheel"

2. GB/T22435-2008 "light alloy wheel of motorcycle and light wheel"

3. ISO8644-2006 "motorcycle - light alloy wheel - Test Method"

4. GB/T6147-92 "testing machine packaging, packaging logo, storage and transportation technology requirements"

5. T 203-85 JASO "motorcycle light alloy wheel"

Two, the main technical indicators of the radial impact test machine of the wheel:

1. main impact hammer quality: 150kg

2. auxiliary hammer weight: 40kg

3. impact hammer width: not less than 200mm (another 500mm, 600mm optional)

4. impact hammer maximum displacement: not less than 200mm

5. spring total stiffness: 300 + 10kgf/cm

6. wheel side mounting angle: 30 degree (optional)

7. wheel mounting bracket can be adjusted: no less than 250 mm (maximum can be 500mm or negotiated)

8. weight specifications: 40kg x 4, 30kg x 3, 20kg x 3, 10kg x 3, 5kg x 2

9. maximum de hammer load: 500kg (another 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 450kg, 600kg optional or negotiated)

10. digital display height impact hammer

1.1 wheel tyre: after the specimen diameter Phi 260 phi 770mm

12 .motor power: 1KW

13. gas source pressure: 0-0.7Mpa. (gas source user)

14.power supply: ~ 380V + 10% 50Hz must have reliable grounding measures ~ 220V + 10% 50Hz

15. host structure: 4 column frame structure and frame structure (optional)

16. control mode: manual or computer control

17. display mode: digital display or computer screen display

18. with front and rear safety shield. 

19. when the equipment is in place, the expansion bolt is fixed.

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