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JB-300B Pendulum type semi - automatic impact test machine

2015-8-18      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   JB-300B
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1、 features

Semi - automatic impact testing machine is mainly used to measure the performance of metal material under the impact of dynamic load, so as to judge the performance of the material under dynamic load.

Semi - automatic impact testing machine is simple in operation, high in working efficiency, easy to put up and put in place. It is especially suitable for the laboratory and a large number of laboratory tests and a lot of impact testing,Machinery manufacturing, steel and other industries.

JB-300B impact testing machine its maximum impact energy of 300J, and with 300J and 150J put a hammer. The specimen section is 10mmX10mm 55mmX. The impact toughness of the larger black metal, especially iron and steel and its alloy was tested.

2the main technical parameters and index of semi automatic impact testing machine:

1Maximum impact energy:300J/150J

2Pre blowing angle of pendulum:150°

3From the center to the center of percussion swing750mm

4Impact velocity:5.2m/s

5The sample bearing span:40mm

6End circle radius of specimen holder:R1-1.5mm

7Impact cutter radius:R2-2.5mm

8Impact radius:30°

9Impact cutter thickness:16mm

10Host size:2124mm×600mm×1340mm


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