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YAW-300E Computer controlled electronic compression and anti bending test machine

2015-8-18      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   YAW-300E
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1 brief introduction

YAW-300E type microcomputer controlled electronic type compression and anti bending test machine is mainly used for the compressive and flexural strength test of cement materials, and it is also used for other materials.

2the main performance characteristics:

1220V power supply, the layout of the laboratory power is convenient.

2 servo motor drive, compared with the traditional oil pressure, no oil leakage, etc..

3low noise.

4 load sensor measuring, high accuracy, measuring range of up to the full range of 2%-100%.

5Compared with the traditional hydraulic mode, 5 year, without oil, save oil costs, and no wearing parts, high price.

3 the main technical indicators

1 the maximum test force kN:300kN (compressive) 10kN (folding)

2 test force measurement range kN:2%-100%FS

3Relative error value is less than or equal to 3, the test force: value plus or minus 1%

4 test force resolution: 0.01kN

5the rate of loading: 0.3KN/S ~ 10KN/S (compressive) 50N/s (bending)

6the loading speed error: + 5%

7on the plate size: 155mm diameter (compressive) 80X150mm (bending)

8 The maximum distance between the upper and lower plates: 260mm

9 screw stroke: 100mm

10servo motor power: single phase -200V, 0.75 kW

11 host size:600 mm x 560 x 1500mm

12 weight: 400Kg

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