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JPWS-5 computer controlled electronic servo damper

2015-8-25      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   JPWS-5
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JPWS-5 computer controlled electronic servo damper

1.Microcomputer control electronic servo damper shows test machine with electronic servo control technology as the core, the servo electric cylinder as the main load unit, with no hydraulic source, no need cooling equipment, energy saving and environmental protection features, mainly for automotive telescopic shock absorber of the dynamometer test; change testing aids can also be all kinds of spiral spring of the static tensile and compression tests and dynamic compression fatigue test.

2. The main technical indexes of the test machine of the electronic servo damper are controlled with Microcomputer

1) the maximum static test force: 5KN, the accuracy is 1%,

2) load precision range: 2%-100%FS

3) the maximum dynamic test force: + 5KN, dynamic fluctuation less than 0.5%FS

4) frequency range: 0.1-10Hz

5) the maximum amplitude of the actuator is 100mm

6) the actuator is formed: 200mm

7) displacement measurement accuracy: + 0.5FS

8) the highest test speed: 0.52m/s

9) the main test waveform: sine wave, Fang Bo, triangle wave, static load skew sweep custom waveform

10) effective test space: more than 1000mm

11) test space adjustment mode: manual adjustment, nut lock beam

12) control mode: test force, displacement PID closed-loop control, automatic test curve

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