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Electronic torsion testing machine

2015-12-2      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   NJS-500
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NJS - 500 Electronic torsion testing machine

One product profile:

1, NJS series electronic torsion testing machine is made up of loading system, transmission system, digital data acquisition and processing system and liquid crystal controller display system, which is suitable for the performance test of the static torsional mechanical properties such as the driving shaft, the half shaft, the zero parts of the metal materials, the combination of parts.

2, the machine adopts horizontal structure, LCD real-time display of torque and torsion angle, digital data acquisition and control system. With the planetary gear reducer transmission, the characteristics of load uniform, stable, no impact phenomenon, data acquisition and control is accurate.

3, test function: digital data acquisition and control system to achieve a variety of torque, torsional angle control, can set the display screen and operation panel, can set the test speed and various control parameters, real-time display of torque and torsion angle, can display the test process of various parameters, can realize the system diagnosis and display the diagnosis results.

4. The whole digital AC servo control system and digital data acquisition and processing system, and the torsion angle of the sample is collected by the photoelectric encoder. Mainly used in the research department, all kinds of colleges and universities and industrial and mining enterprises in the mechanical laboratory used to determine the material's torsion performance.

5, the test machine is in accord with JB/T9370 - 2007 "technical condition of torsion test machine" and the relevant requirements for data processing of GB10128 - 2007.

Users can also provide the relevant technical standards, in accordance with the standards provided by the user to achieve test mode control and related data acquisition and processing.

Two, the main technical indicators:

1, maximum torque: m - 500N; (optional 200Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm, 3000Nm, 5000Nm)

2, torque measurement range: FS 2%-100%

3, the relative error of the torque value is: 1%

4, torque repeatability error: 1%

5, torque resolution: 0.1 M - N

6, test (two stroke distance between chuck): 0-500mm

7, two coaxial precision fixture: the range of 1000mm is less than or equal to 0.2mm

8. The relative error of the torsion angle is shown in the value of 1%.

9, torsion angle display range: Unlimited

10, torsion angle resolution: 0.1;

11, reverse speed: 3.6-360 /min, stepless speed regulation;

12, the relative error of the speed of torsion: the setting value of 1% or less

13, power supply voltage: 50Hz AC220V

14, reverse direction: positive turn reverse

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