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TPJ-01/02/05 Mechanical spring fatigue testing machine

2015-8-24      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   TPJ-01/02/05
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Mechanical spring fatigue testing machine 

1、TPJ-01/02/05 mechanical spring fatigue testing machine is composed of drive system, transmission system, control and display system, which can be used in the fatigue test of various coil springs. The machine has no pollution, high efficiency, with a wide range of frequency modulation and experimental space, with appropriate assistive devices, spring fatigue test of different specifications. The machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer. The function of the test times is reached automatically. The integration is high, the structure is simple, the failure rate is low, the performance is stable, reliable and easy to operate. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and other industries.

2、The main parameters of mechanical spring fatigue test machine

1)、 maximum test force: 200N, 500N, 100N

2)、amplitude: + 10mm

3)、stroke: 20mm

4)、test frequency: 0.5 ~ 5Hz adjustable

5)、counter capacity: 9 x 109 times

6)、function: set the number of test times automatically stop

7)、 free height of the tested spring: 100mm (adjustable)

8)、is the largest diameter test spring: 50mm

9)、power supply voltage (three-phase four wire system): 50Hz 380VAC

10)、power: 700W

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