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Fatigue testing machine for PWS-50T rubber elastic element

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One, uses: rubber elastic element fatigue testing machine is mainly used for rubber elastic components of the dynamic fatigue test, through the addition of other accessories can also complete the dynamic fatigue test of various parts and standard materials.
Two, the main technical parameters
1, the maximum static test force: 50kN, according to the 1, 10 decay times of the sub file calibration
2, showing the value of the accuracy of each file 20% + 1%;
3, the maximum dynamic test force: 50kN; the amplitude fluctuation is not more than 2%FS;
4. The maximum amplitude of the actuator is 75mm, and the accuracy of the indication is 20% + 0.5%FS
5, test frequency range: 0.01-40Hz;
6, constant pressure servo pump station specifications: to meet the test
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