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WDW-S10, 20, 50, 100 digital thermal insulation material testing machine

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1 Introduction
The precision automatic control and data acquisition system is used to realize the digital control of the data acquisition and control process. Servo motor, precision without clearance ball screw loading, the machine is stable and reliable, can display the maximum experimental strength, tensile strength, elongation deformation, compressive strength, bond strength and other technical indicators. Mainly used for all kinds of heat preservation materials for compression, tension, bond strength, flexural strength and other mechanical experiments.
Meet: moulded polystyrene foam board GB/T6343 DBJ01-38 GB/T8811; GB/T6343 DBJ01-38; rigid polyurethane foam; powder polystyrene particles insulation slurry JG158-2004 adhesive; DBJ01-63; interface agent DBJ01-63; precausions mortar DBJ01-63; polyurethane panel GB/T6342; JC/T547 (test material for polyurethane panels); ceramic tile adhesive JC/T547; polymer cement polystyrene insulation board GB/T6342; sealing agent DBJ01-6; compression test method for GB8813-88 rigid foam; bending test method for rigid foam GB8812-88; C-T547-2005 ceramic tile adhesive; JG149-2003; polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system; DBJ01-63-2002; quality inspection standard for polymer mortar for external thermal insulation wall; JG158-2004 powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation system; GB/T6343-1995 foam and rubber (apparent volume) determination of density; JC 623 wire insulation board
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