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Wheel torsion fatigue test machine

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  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   PNW-3000
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PNW-3000  Wheel torsion fatigue test machine

One summary of wheel torsion fatigue test machine:

1, use: wheel torsion fatigue testing machine, referred to as the torsion fatigue testing machine, also known as the motorcycle wheel torsion fatigue test machine or computer controlled motorcycle light alloy wheel torsion fatigue test machine. The test machine is mainly used for the torsion fatigue test of the light alloy wheel of the motorcycle and the light alloy wheel.

2, reference standards:

1) IS08644-2006 "motorcycle - light alloy wheel - Test Method"

2) GB/T22435-2008 "light alloy wheel of motorcycle and light wheel"

3) JASO T203-85 "motorcycle light alloy wheel"

4) GB/T6147-92 "testing machine packaging, packaging logo, storage and transportation technology requirements"

At the same time, it can also meet the standards of users: such as Japan's YAMAHA, Honda, etc..

Two. The main technical specifications of wheel torsion fatigue testing machine:

1, test torque: 3000Nm (optional 1400Nm,2000Nm, 2500Nm, 5000Nm)

2, the maximum test force: 5000N, showing the value of 20%FS 1%

3, the test arm: 700mm + 0.5mm

4, test frequency: 5Hz

5, show the number of tests: 106

6, the test wheel diameter: 125-600mm

7, motor total power:3kw

8, power supply: ~ 380V 10% 50Hz must have reliable grounding measures ~ 220V + 10% 50Hz

9, the main structure of the main structure: vertical frame structure loading

10, loading mode: optional servo electric cylinder loading, hydraulic servo actuator load.

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