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Wheel static pressure testing machine

2015-12-1      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   WDW-100
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WDW-100  Wheel static pressure testing machine

One  product profile:
WDW-100 wheel hydrostatic testing machine mainly used wheel rim of the static pressure test: load is applied to the position: valve hole position, rim position, spokes position and wheel bearing ring position of the pressure test. By increasing the tensile failure, can also be used to determine the tensile properties of wheel steel raw materials. The computer system through the full digital controller, the speed control system to control the servo motor rotation, through the reduction system of precision ball screw to drive the moving beam to rise and fall, complete the sample compression and other mechanical performance test, the machine is a wheel manufacturing enterprise essential inspection equipment.
Two, the main technical indicators:
1 maximum test force: 100kN
2 test force measurement range: 0.4%--100% (400 N-100000N)
3 test force shows the value of accuracy: better than the value of 1%
4 test force resolution: 1/300000 (full score or equivalent 6 file)
5 beam displacement measurement accuracy: resolution higher than 0.0025mm
6 deformation measurement accuracy: 0.5% (in the range of 0.2 - 10mm)
7 test speed range: 0.01 - 500mm/min, stepless speed regulation
8 speed control accuracy: 1% (0.01~10mm/min); 0.5% (10~500mm/min)
9 constant, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 0.2%-100%FS
10 constant, constant deformation, constant displacement control precision:
Set the value of <10%FS, set the value of less than 1%
The set value is not less than 10%FS, within the set value of + 0.1%
11 deformation rate control accuracy: the rate of <0.05%FS is 2%
The rate is not less than 0.05%FS + 0.5% value set
12 test space: A: 600mm: B: space of tension compression space: 700mm C: effective width: 550 mm
13 forms: wedge clamp clamp flat jaw jaw 14- Phi Phi 20mm circular 0-7mmmm
14 size: 100 mm
15 power supply: single phase 240V 10%, 50Hz, power: 2 kW
16 working environment: room temperature - 35, relative humidity no more than 80%
17 host size: 830 x 750 x 2000mm
18 weight: 720 kg

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