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TPJ-300 mechanical type steel plate spring fatigue testing machine

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TPJ-300 mechanical type steel plate spring fatigue testing machine
1, use:
Mechanical type leaf spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used for assembly of automobile steel plate spring fatigue life test, by changing the test aids can also be used on all kinds of spiral spring and all kinds of automobiles, motorcycles, motor vehicles parts fatigue life test.
2, mechanical type steel plate spring fatigue test machine structure characteristics:
(1) the host body adopts the "C - shaped" structure, which is enclosed in the fuselage, and has no basic requirements. The body is welded structure, the overall strength is high, the shape is smooth and beautiful.
(2) the main transmission system adopts two stage reduction drive: the first level is the belt drive, the passive belt wheel and the inertia wheel, with a high speed, to increase the inertia energy storage, significantly reduce the power of the drive motor; second for the gear drive.
(3) in the first transmission mechanism, a pneumatic clutch is installed to ensure that the motor is activated in the no-load condition. Pneumatic clutch is safe and reliable, and can be operated in long distance and so on.
(4) design of integral lifting work table, in order to facilitate the free download splint spring assembly, and then through the rise / drop table applied given with deformation. The maximum lift height is 200mm, the total height of the smaller leaf spring assembly, through a screw to adjust the clamping position. The two ends of the working table are equipped with auxiliary support, and are equipped with safety protection network. Supporting 2 mobile car, with the car in the working section of the annex.
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