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TLD-S1000-2000 Series electronic spring tension test machine

2015-8-18      View:
  • Brand   Ji'nan Kaide Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • Type   TLD-S1000/S2000
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product name Spring Tensile and Compression Testing Machine

product specifications :TLD-S1000、2000


  • Composed of loading system,transmission system, measurement and control system, applicable to mechanical property test for sprial cylinder spring and various elastic components.
  • Adopting motor loading, imported numerical control motor control system.
  • Digital display load,deformation, loading speed, test times,etc.

Technical Specification 
1) max.test force:1000N、2000N, min. Reading: 0.1N 
2) relative accuracy of indicating value of load: ±1.0% 
3) relative error of repeatability of indicating value of load: ≤1.0% 
4) effective test space: 500mm 
5) min.reading of displacement: 0.01mm 
6) diameter of upper and lower pressure platen: Φ110mm 
7) moving speed of crosshead: 0.2-500mm/min 
8) display and operation mode: dot-matrix LCD display and keyboard operation 
9) voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz power: 0.4KW 
10) dimension: 410*470*1150mm 
11) weight: approx. 105kg.

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