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The constant stress of cement compressive bending test machine is introduced

2015-8-1      View:
Constant compressive resistance test folding machine: the strength of the cement is one of the must do the test, according to GB / T 17671-1999 cement mortar strength testing method (ISO), the strength of cement and compressive strength and flexural strength, the testing equipment is constant compressive and flexural one machine, the testing machine for conforms to the standard of GB / t17671-1999 cement glue sand strength compressive strength, flexural test, using a duplex test space, with one machine with dual-purpose, space saving, easy to operate, and other advantages, is required for the testing of cement, concrete and other materials, especially suitable for test places on the need for a long time of continuous work. Excellent product quality, equipment price is high, high work efficiency, simple operation, personalized customer demand, control modes according to the needs of customers to buy, if you have questions about the operation of this equipment in operation, you are welcome to consult for the Jinan Kaide Instrument Co., Ltd..