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Spring torsion test machine has the advantages of large collection

2015-8-1      View:
Spring torsion test machine and spring torsion test machine. Spring torsion test machine of a little bit before also introduced, the advantages of the spring torsion test machine is not only so, then there are those advantages, according to the function of the spring torsion test machine, can be divided into manual, automatic and computer control three models.
According to the test range of the spring torsion test machine, it can be divided into two types: vertical spring torsion test machine and the horizontal spring torsion test machine. Industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection, scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions, quality inspection units and other departments of the ideal test equipment.
Spring torsion testing machine is used in torsion spring, cochlear volume spring, torsion angle of the elastic element and a friction mechanism, the torsional moment of test. Adding the corresponding accessories can also carry out anti torsion test for the parts and components. According to the national standards and ISOJISASTMDIN and other international standards for testing and providing data.