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The structure and system description of torsion test machine

2015-8-1      View:
[host] material machine for testing torsion by horizontal structure, the whole structure of thick steel plate is adopted in the main structure, to ensure that the whole of rigid; fixture with high-quality alloy steel hardened 45 (HR55 ~ 65) mode, long service life; specimen of the installation and disassembly are convenient and fast.
[drive system] the full digital Testmart control system drive; speed adjustment can be adjusted, load uniform, stable.
The transmission system adopts precision reducer to ensure uniform, stable and transmission accuracy of transmission. Transverse space 0 ~ 300mm range of arbitrary regulation.
[measurement display system] type digital display torsion testing machine with large screen liquid crystal display system for simultaneous display specimen torque T, torsion angle theta, test speed. The system can set the angle of torsion test specimen, the torque, torque can also be set to test the torsion angle.
[safety protection system] overload protection, over current protection, etc..