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Test method for concrete compressive strength

2015-8-1      View:
Sample preparation: concrete compressive strength test pieces in edge length is 150mm cubes as a standard specimen, concrete strength to the speciment standard curing to 28 days, according to a specified method measured the strength of prevail.
Test equipment: concrete test block compression machine is generally used in 2000KN equipment
(1) the specimen is removed from the site after the maintenance should be timely test, the specimen surface and the upper and lower pressure plate clean;
(2) the specimen placed in the testing machine under the pressure plate or plate, the specimen bearing surface should be vertical with the top surface of the molding. Test center testing machine and the platen center alignment, start the test machine, when the plate and close to or steel plate, adjust the seat and make contact with the equilibrium;
(3) in the process of test should be continuous and uniform loading, stationary test.
(4) when the specimen is close to the failure of the start of a rapid deformation, the adjustment test machine shall be stopped until the throttle is destroyed. And then test the device of concrete under the pressure of the opportunity to automatically record the maximum damage load. And can be in accordance with the national standard after three consecutive test, automatic printing test results.
Concrete compressive strength test machine operation is very simple, the above content need according to the practical operation of customary personal test procedures and, briefly for reference, if you have questions about the operation of this equipment in operation, you are welcome to consult for the Jinan Kaide Instrument Co., Ltd.: