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Experimental objects and characteristics of spring torsion test machine

2015-8-1      View:
Spring torsion test machine:
Apply in spring, pressure spring, disk spring, tower spring, spring, a circlip, spring plate, composite spring, air spring, die spring, profiled spring, and so on precision spring tension, pressure, displacement, stiffness of test and analysis, and can print the curve, data report.
Function characteristics of spring torsion test machine:
A) tensile test: tensile test of a variety of tensile spring
B) compression test: compression test of various kinds of compression springs
C) measurement method: through the deformation of the measured force, through the height of the measured force, through the measurement of the value of deformation, through the force measurement height
D): batch test samples on the same parameters, one set after distal;
E) test software: Chinese WINDOWS interface, menu tips, mouse operation;
F) display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed along with the test process;
G) four kinds of curves: the force value, the displacement curve, the force value, the deformation curve, the displacement time curve, the deformation time curve
H) process: the test process, measurement, display and analysis are done by the computer;
I) automatic preservation: the end of the experiment, the test data and curve automatically preserved;
J) test report: according to the user's requirements of the format of the report and print;