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Professional ethics:
Company's good professional ethics is conducive to increase the cohesion and solidarity of workers, promote innovation, efficient, unity, integrity of the corporate culture, the formation of all concerned about the development of enterprises, everyone pay attention to enterprise benefits, everyone cherish the good atmosphere of the credibility.
Management team:
Faith carve people-oriented scientific decision-making
Weight bearing endeavor to optimize the management of the service of basic science and technology oriented
Democratic style diligent and pragmatic unity of spirit of integrity
Including dedication to grassroots initiative work conscientiously
Adhere to the principle of strict management of work efficiency
Proficient in business integrity persevere bear hardship without complaint
Production personnel:
Love the company based on their own careful operation of high quality and high yield
Dedication to quality and quantity study technology job
The solidarity of the favorite respect zunzhangshouji civilized production
Scientific research personnel:
Love love love post study technology refine on plant
Respect for the scientific and practical work earnestly earnestly train the backbone of the training
Be modest and prudent to keep secret pioneering service line