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      Jinan Kaide Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development, design, production various types of testing machine and experimental test equipment, design, development, sales team by a test machine for many years of experience in the industry elite, has a technical department, quality department, sales department, after sales service department and other departments, to undertake all kinds of universal testing machine and special non-standard, special test equipment, provided advanced, high-quality materials and systems test solutions and provide quality services.
The company according to the needs of different users to provide suitable, high-end and special testing machine products, effectively meet the metal, nonmetal, composite materials, polymer, biology, rubber, building materials, textile, packaging, paper, wire and cable, spring, pipes, wood, stone and other many kinds of materials with different performance test requirements. Widely used in mechanical metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile, electric power, coal, textile, commodity inspection, environmental protection, biological medicine, metrology, research institutes, aerospace, transportation, military and other industries and fields.
Company's production of various mechanical properties test machine, and to undertake a variety of non - standard test machine design, development, production and sales, the product is mainly divided into two series:
Dynamic fatigue test machine
1, mechanical fatigue test machine:
Mechanical spring fatigue testing machine
Mechanical stability bar fatigue test machine
Mechanical steel plate spring fatigue test machine
The mechanical type crankshaft fatigue testing machine
The steel wire rope bending fatigue testing machine
The pure bending fatigue testing machine
2, hydraulic pulsation fatigue testing machine, microcomputer screen show type hydraulic pulsation fatigue test machine
3, static and dynamic universal testing machine series: electric hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine series
4, torsion fatigue testing machine: drive shaft torsional fatigue test machine, half shaft fatigue test machine, steering shaft torsional fatigue test machine, crankshaft torsional fatigue test machine, universal joint torsion fatigue test machine;
5, the wheel testing machine: Motorcycle wheel radial impact test machine, motorcycle wheel rotating bending fatigue testing machine, motorcycle wheels torsion fatigue testing machine, motorcycle wheel radial load fatigue testing machine, tire air tightness test, wheel pressure testing machine; electric wheel hub radial impact testing machine;
6, shock absorber test bench: shock absorber comprehensive performance test bench, shock absorber;
7, bending fatigue test machine: crankshaft bending fatigue test machine, wire bending fatigue test machine, pure bending fatigue test machine
8, auto parts test bench: automobile axle fatigue test, fatigue test system of auto body, fatigue test bench of automobile suspension system and automobile semi axle fatigue test bench Taiwan, automobile driving axle test machine, automobile axle fatigue test bench, fatigue test bench of automobile chassis system, vehicle auxiliary driving fatigue test bench, multi-channel component fatigue testing system; steering for comprehensive performance test rig; hydraulic vibration table;
9. High frequency fatigue testing machine: electromagnetic resonant high frequency fatigue testing machine, electro hydraulic servo high frequency fatigue testing machine;
10, fatigue testing machine main parts: linear actuator, servo motor (pendulum), servo valve, constant pressure servo pump station, controller, etc..
Two, static testing machine
1, hydraulic universal testing machine: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine series, the computer screen hydraulic universal testing machine series, digital hydraulic universal testing machine series;
2, electronic universal testing machine: microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine series, single arm type electronic universal testing machine series, digital display type electronic universal testing machine series, electronic tensile testing machine series; electronic pull and torsion test machine;
3, torsion test machine: material torsion test machine, wire torsion test machine, spring torsion test machine, drive axle torsion test machine series, automobile drive shaft torsion test machine series, automobile half shaft torsion test machine series;
4, spring testing machine: spring tension testing machine series, spring torsion test machine series, spring fatigue test machine series;
5, pressure testing machine: digital pressure testing machine series, microcomputer control pressure testing machine series, automatic pressure testing machine series;
6, impact testing machine, swing hammer impact testing machine series (manual impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing machine, full automatic impact testing machine, digital display type impact testing machine, computer screen significantly impact testing machine), drop hammer impact test machine series;
7, bending test machine: steel bending test machine, steel pipe bending test machine, steel bending test machine;
8, timber, artificial board universal testing machine: panel universal testing machine (type digital display panel universal testing machine, computer control panel universal testing machine), man-made board rolling wear test machine, artificial plate scratch test machine, man-made board drop hammer impact test machine, man-made board pendulum impact testing machine;
9, tensile testing machine: electronic tensile testing machine, steel wire tension test machine, single space tension test machine, horizontal tension test machine, the bolt tension test machine, the bolt tension test machine;
10, friction and wear testing machine: vertical universal friction and wear testing machine, four ball type friction and wear testing machine, ring block friction and wear testing machine
11, large non-standard customized products: cupping testing machine, pellet pressure testing machine, insulation material testing machine, machine for flattening test of gas cylinders, jacks calibration device, large component pressure testing machine, pressure shear testing machine, static load anchorage test machine, multi channel component loading test system
12, hardness: the hardness of the series, the